With the changing of the seasons, we welcome new weather, new perspectives, and this year, a new decade. We’re excited to share the Cedar Hill Winter 2020 Newsletter. Here are some of the highlights of the Winter 2020 issue:

  • Our animal companions at Cedar Hill
  • Wildlife visits from the Vermont Institute of Natural Science
  • Remembering the veterans at Cedar Hill
  • Scenes from our Holiday Celebration
  • The importance of social engagement
  • Save the dates

Often, when families come to tour Cedar Hill, they express some concerns about the quality of life their parents and loved ones will enjoy there. While we might offer assisted living, that doesn’t mean that our residents don’t lead fulfilling lives. Our community does more than just meet medical and mental health needs, it meets social and community needs too!

So far, the winter season here at Cedar Hill in historic Windsor, Vermont has been a great example of that community.

One of the reasons our residents love staying with us is that we are a pet-friendly community. In our winter newsletter, we put the spotlight on the therapy animals that come to visit us regularly. From floppy-eared Coon hounds like Milo to delightfully fluffy cats like Prince, these animals are gracious and welcomed visitors who add a certain levity to the day.

Our residents love to connect with animals of all kinds. In October, the Vermont Institute of Natural Science brought a red tail hawk, an American kestrel, and a Screech-owl in. We connected with wildlife again in December when educators from the Wildlife Encounters Ecology Center and Farm School came to visit. During the hour-long presentation, our residents got to see and interact with hedgehogs, sugar gliders, armadillos, and even an alligator! 

This season, we also took a moment to honor the Cedar Hill residents who served in the military. Our community includes members of every branch of the armed services. We hosted events that highlighted their military careers and celebrated their contributions to our community. 

Residents of the Village and our memory care center were able to celebrate the holidays in style this year. The residents went on a variety of trips, including participating in local crafts fairs to help with fundraisers, seeing performances by the Chester Brass Quintet, and the school children of the Springfield Songsters. A trip to Hog Back Mountain in Brattleboro offered amazing landscape views, and chances to see the wildlife there. 

We rounded out our holiday season with spectacular meals crafted by our dietary staff. Residents were joined by the families to share the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners together. We even had a surprise visit from Santa Claus!

Looking ahead, we hope you’ll make time for our Valentine’s Dance on February 14 and our Mardi Gras celebration on March 25. We’ll also be hosting Easter Dinner on April 12.

You can find the complete news letterhere.


Happy winter,

Patricia and Mary Louise