Cedar Hill Continuing Care Community

Job Description

Position: Director of Activities in Assisted Living

The Director of Activities is responsible for planning, directing, and carrying out with his/her staff and volunteers a schedule of meaningful activities which reflect resident preferences for social, intellectual, physical, and spiritual desires.

The Director must be cognizant of all applicable federal and state regulations related to Activity programming in a Licensed Assisted Living facility.


  1. Age: Minimum 21 years
  2. High school
  3. Advanced education in the Arts or in therapeutic activity program management or in
  4. Prior experience working with older adults whether as a volunteer or as a paid

Physical Demands

  1. Works in a well lighted and ventilated facility most of the work day.
  2. Walks, bends, stoops, lifts items up to 35 pounds and performs physical exercises with residents
  3. Works outside in pleasant weather
  4. Drives residents or accompanies them on a variety of activities outside of the dress code

Must be well groomed and neat at all times.

General Hours of Work

Generally 9am-5:30pm. Days of week and hours may vary depending on Activities scheduled. Activities must be scheduled 7 days per week.

Position Expectations:

  1. Interviews potential candidates to work as Activity Aides. Schedules his/her own work time as well as Activity Aides.
  2. Works with Executive Director – budget and manages department
  3. Interviews residents and/or responsible parties in order to obtain pertinent data regarding each resident’s interests, skills, hobbies, capabilities. Develops an activity plan with each resident, documents plan and progress notes per applicable standards, regulations and facility policy. Participates in Care Planning
  4. Provides a variety of activities which provide social and intellectual stimulation, entertainment, relaxation, physical activity and an opportunity to express creativity. Makes activities available to all residents, subject to their limitations.
  5. Elicits maximum possible involvement from residents. Makes available tasks which increase self-esteem. Encourages residents to participate in planning events and parties, menus and refreshments, and to make favors, gifts, placemats, invitations, decorations and the like.
  6. Leads and assists volunteers at group activities. Calls bingo, shows movies, leads discussions, study groups, planning sessions, crafts, exercise classes, gardening groups, cooking and baking activities and group games. Coordinates food-oriented activities with the Dietary Department and assists in distribution and clean-up of refreshments at events.
  7. Posts a monthly calendar of group activities and keeps calendar up to date, posting changes as far in advance as they are known.
  8. Conducts individual activities at appropriate times, avoiding interference with personal care, meals and visitors. Individual activities are held to complement rather that replace group activities.
  9. Assists residents in reading their mail and writing letters. Initiates individual and two- person activities, such as games, making scrapbooks, preparing vegetables, working puzzles, reading, listening to music or talking books, feeding birds and walks outdoors or inside.
  10. Visits with residents
  11. May be required to transport residents to medical appointments or run errands.
  12. Encourages residents to participate in religious activities of their choice to fulfill their basic spiritual needs, through visits with clergy, attendance at religious services when possible, spiritual reading materials, etc. Assists residents to celebrate religious holidays of their choosing.
  13. Keeps attendance records for group and individual activities. Writes progress notes in residents’ charts as required.
  14. Evaluates each resident’s behavior during activities (group and individual) and reports unusual observations to the Resident Services Director.
  15. Does preparation work for activities. Involves residents with preparation work as much as possible.
  16. Complies with safety regulations and policies, ensures safety of those residents attending group or individual activities.
  17. Inventories activity supplies and equipment, maintains same in orderly fashion, plans purchases in advance according to budget.
  18. May assist residents to and from activities.
  19. Recruits, orients and trains volunteers. Acts as liaison between volunteers and staff. Greets and assists volunteers at the facility and keeps records of volunteer hours.
  20. Performs other duties as required to meet Department goals or as directed by the Executive Director.
  21. Must be able to cover for staff if unable to come into work.
  22. Keeps informed of programs, events, educational opportunities, tours in the greater Windsor Community and Upper Valley. Informs Resident Council – Escorts residents with volunteer/ staff assistance to enjoy areas of interest events.