Cedar Hill Health Care Corporation

Job Description
Resident Services Director for the Village at Cedar Hill

I. Summary:

Responsible for managing the health and wellness program and nursing care needs of residents with the goal of having each resident live at his/her highest functional potential. Responsible for assuring that the Assisted Living and Memory Care policies and procedures and staff requirements meet applicable state regulations and  standards

II. Qualifications:

A. Education:   Holds at a minimum an Associates Degree in Nursing

B. Licensure:  Holds a current license to practice as a Registered Nurse in the State of Vermont

C. Experience:  Minimum of five (5) years experience which includes supervisory responsibility for the work of others

D. Special Qualifications:

1. Ability to:

a. Understand and utilize computer generated resident care assessments and quality of care data

2.      Conducts her/his practice in compliance with accepted best practices of nursing standards

3.      Make resident care decisions based on knowledge, skill and use of nursing process.

4.      Maintain accountability for own behavior as well as those of staff members under her supervision

E.     Physical Requirements:  Must be able to lift or move up to 35lbs

III. Dress Code:

Must be well groomed and dressed professionally at all times. Wears footwear that safely supports physical as well as desk work

IV. Responsible To:

Executive Director for the Village at Cedar Hill

V. General Hours of Work:

Salaried position: Days of week and hours of work may vary based on census,  condition of residents, and staffing status as well as physician, family, and facility needs. On a typical day the hours of work may be 9am – 5 pm.

VI. Position Expectations:

A.    Planning:

In collaboration with other key members of the community participates in developing and evaluating all aspects of services offered to enhance the quality of life for residents and the working environment for staff.

B.     Staffing:

1.      Works with the HR Department to recruit and employ sufficient qualified staff to provide the level of services needed by residents

2.      Works with scheduling coordinator on a daily basis to assure a sufficient level of Resident Assistant staffing and assists in resolving staffing shortages.

3.      Reviews payroll information biweekly to review OT/absences, work hours etc.

C.    Staff Orientation and Training:

1.      Actively participates in staff orientation and training.

2.      Schedules all new Village staff to take required training courses  for work in the  Assisted Living  and Memory  Care Center per the set  timeframe

3.       Teaches the Medication administration course  utilizing the approved program

4.      Works with Staff Education Coordinator to assess RA compliance with successfully completing a minimum of 12 continuing education credits each year

D.    Resident Health and Wellness program

1.      Works collaboratively with the Medical Director, Executive Director, Activity Director, FSD, and Rehab staff to develop health and wellness guidelines and a fitness program for residents.

2.      Involves residents in program planning and evaluation.

3.      Works collaboratively with each resident’s attending physician to assure that each resident’s medical care needs are being addressed.

4.      Documents and transcribes MD orders, assigns staff to schedule MD appointments and arrange transportation.

5.      Assures that basic health information is checked and recorded correctly by staff on each resident on a regular basis per policy and procedure

E.     Resident Admissions and Care Process:

1.      Potential Admissions

a.      Works closely with Executive Director, Admissions Coordinator, and Memory Care Supervisor in review of applicants for admissions. May do preadmission visits offsite to screen potential admissions for appropriate placement.

b.     Attempts to obtain consensus for new admissions

2.      Provides a documented brief life/health history on residents prior to their move in, so staff have a better understanding of the person and his/her needs and expectations

3.      In collaboration with staff and resident (LPR), completes admission assessment on state of Vermont designated form within 10 days of admissions for all Assisted/Independent Residents

a.      Reviews and signs assessments completed for Memory Care admissions completed by Memory Care Supervisor

4.      Within 14 days of admission develops the plan of care with resident, LRP, and staff input.

5.      Updates the assessment and POC with any significant change in a resident’s condition and at least annually.

6.      Establishes and reviews tier of service needed by each resident on a quarterly basis with Executive Director and when appropriate Memory Care Supervisor

7.      Assumes responsibility for proper maintenance of medical records both open and closed. Teaches RA staff how to properly document resident care and services and how to correctly maintain records electronically and in paper form.

8.      Oversees inventory of medical supplies and equipment and OTC medications with an assigned resident assistant.

9.      Works with Plant Maintenance Director to assure that all medical equipment is maintained on a preventive maintenance program

F.      Chairs Village Quality Assurance Committee:

1.      Initiates and leads QA Improvement projects with staff and resident consultant input as appropriate

2.      Leads survey excellence committee for Village jointly with Executive Director.

3.      Participates actively in working toward achieving the GOLD standard in the National Assisted Living Association quality programs

G.    Professional Growth and Development:

Assumes responsibility for:

1.      Improving knowledge and skills related to care of older adults and specifically those with memory loss

2.      Improving leadership skills and ability to develop a strong and enthusiastic staffing team dedicated to improving the life of each resident.