While the weather could not have been worse, the Vendors were good sports and understanding, and all in all, seemed very impressed with the facility, the planning of the event, and their treatment as Vendors.

We received several very positive comments about the appearance of the Village, the caring Staff and the respect and kindness shown to our residents. Many of the seasoned vendors felt our attendance would have been better had this not been the first event of this type. They felt the public will come over time, after they become accustomed to this being an annual event.

Many thanks to the great team of Staff and Volunteers at the Village and Cedar Hill that helped to make our First Annual Fall Craft Fair a success.
One very special vendor, Sandy Connolly of Creative Woodworking, from Windsor, has been a tireless advocate for us from the beginning of our contact with her four or five months ago. She has volunteered to come and pick up posters and distribute them, has linked to us on Facebook and her blog page.

Yesterday afternoon she sent me the results of her day at the Village. Please check out the website below, and if you did not get the opportunity to come to the Craft Fair, you will feel as if you did. She has photographed almost every vendor’s booth, their business card, and linked their website, so if you see a product you are interested in, you can contact them directly. One comment that was heard repeatedly was the quality of the vendor’s products and the appearance of their display booths. It was a great group!

Check it out by clicking the site below:


We also have pictures posted on the Cedar Hill Facebook page, and I will be adding more in the next few days.

While the attendance was not what we had hoped for, it was a profitable event for us because of the way we structured the booth fees, food tent and Silent Auction. More people would have increased the profits, but for a first attempt we did just fine. In a few days I will have figures on what we spent, what we took in and the end result.

And from a marketing point of view, Sue spoke to some people who had an interest in us for their parents, and many of the guests and vendors seemed to be very impressed with the whole set up. I feel we ‘bought a bunch of brain cells’ and when they do have to think about a place for Mom or Dad, we will come to mind.

Thanks again, to all who made this event possible.