Cedar Hill Continuing Care Community

Village at Cedar Hill

Job Description

Position: Unit Aide

Position Summary
To provide support services to Licensed Nursing Assistants by performing resident related services which can be done by an unlicensed aide.

• High School graduate or GED preferred.
• Must complete dining assistant training program.
• Must be able to perform duties standing and walking most of shift
• Attitude: willingness to learn and work under close supervision.
• Ability to work with others as a member of the health team
• Ability to communicate intelligently with residents, peers, and supervisors.
• Genuine interest in residents and co-workers as demonstrated by timeliness
and working when scheduled, including weekends and holidays.

Hours of Work: 6:45am – 3:15pm or 5:00pm – 8:00pm.

Physical Requirements:
Must be able to lift up to 35lbs

Dress Code:
Must be neat and well groomed. Must wear comfortable shoes with
good support.

Responsible to:
Charge nurse on duty.

Position Expectations:
A. Meal Service
1. Preparing residents for meal service in the main dining room and assists residents to put on protective bibs when appropriate.
2. Serves meals.
a. Reviews diet card to make sure resident has correct diet.
b. Informs resident of food and beverage being served.
c. Assists residents as required with cutting up food.
d. Assists with adding condiments as resident desires.
3. Assists residents, who are safe to feed, as identified by charge nurse.
4. After the meal, removes meal plates, glasses, utensils etc. to clean-up cart and takes cart into the kitchen.
5. Cleans tables and chairs and positions them correctly at each table.
6. Records meal consumption on form designated.
B. Resident Unit Tasks
1. Assembles linens on utility cart.
2. Brings soiled linen cart close to each room.
3. Removes soiled linen from each unoccupied bed as necessary and places linen in soiled linen cart correctly.
4. Washes hands between soiled and clean work and between each resident’s unit.
5. Makes up the unoccupied bed.
6. Cleans bedside stand.
a. Maintains a schedule for cleaning and restocking each bedside stand.
b. Disinfects personal care items such as basins and bedpans. Restocks soap lotion and mouth care supplies.
c. Labels all containers.
d. Removes scrap from drawers and stand. Organizes each resident’s personal items in an orderly manner.
7. Takes soiled laundry cart to laundry and brings up empty clean cart.
C. Snacks/Nourishments (AM & PM Hours)
1. Obtains snacks and supplements from kitchen.
2. Serves residents snacks and/or supplements per nourishment listing.
3. Assists residents who require that aide hold drink.
4. Records snack consumption on form and submits form to charge nurse at end of shift.
D. May perform other tasks as assigned so long as they are within his/her scope of practice.