Cedar Hill Continuing Care Community

Job Description

Position: Staff Registered Nurse

Position Summary

Under the direction of the DNS, Charge of the 39 bed Nursing unit, oversees LPN nurses on duty and gives direction and delegation with in the acceptable scope of practice, assists nursing assistants with care as necessary and provides clinical supervision and direction, administers and documents medications and treatments per physician’s orders, follows established standards of nursing practices, helps implement facility policies and assessment and care plans.


  • Education: Graduation from an accredited school of nursing
  • Licensure: Current RN in State of Vermont
  • Experience: One year in geriatrics and long term care preferred. Competent with Computer programs and comfortable with the use of an Electronic Medical Record.
  • Degree of Supervision: Moderate

Physical Requirements:

  • Lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling up to 35lbs. on occasion while administering care to resident etc.
  • Manual and finger dexterity, and eye-hand coordination
  • May have some exposure to communicable diseases
  • Stooping, kneeling, and/or crouching daily in delivery of resident care, starting I.V.s, obtaining medications/equipment from drawers etc.
  • Standing and walking more than 5 hours per day in administering resident care in multiple rooms
  • Reaching, grasping, fingering, and/or feeling 5 or more hours per day in administering resident care, i.e.: operating various resident care equipment, administering medication, etc
  • Visual acuity in order to correctly distinguish skin tone variations, evidence of IV infiltration, infection, also to read blood pressure gauges, etc
  • Audio acuity in order to correctly distinguish various body sounds, i.e. respirations, arrhythmias, bowel sounds, also to discern sounds made by various types of machinery or equipment, which would indicate dangerous or improper operation

Special Requirements

  • Maintains accountability for own behavior as well as those staff members being supervised
  • Makes decisions based upon knowledge, skill, and use of nursing process
  • Regulates own practice according to accepted Standards of Nursing Practice and Professional Code of Ethics
  • Accepts Cedar Hill Nursing Home Mission Statement
  • Supervises and Delegates to LPN and LNA within acceptable scope of practice.

Dress Code:

Must be well groomed and dressed professionally at all times. Scrubs are to be worn with supportive closed toe shoes. May wear a plain T shirt in place of a scrub top. No clothing with low cut chest. If scrub shorts or skirt are worn, they must be no shorter than fingertips held relaxed at your side.

Responsible to:

Director of Nursing

Position Expectations:

A. Follows established standards of nursing practice and helps implement Federal, State, and facility policies and procedures
1. Oversees all LPN and Unit Aides working under them giving guidance and delegation with in acceptable scope of practices set forth by the Vermont board of nursing
2. Assesses all resident situations that arise on shift and follows though appropriately, ensuring that the resident is safe and that all notifications of DNS, Physician and families took place as appropriate.
3. Follows, supervises and oversees other staff in following the Resident’s Rights program
4. Attends staff meetings, in-service classes and committee meetings as assigned
5. Obtains continuing education related to the long term care field of nursing
6. Follows and documents facility admission, discharge and transfer procedures and coordinates with other departments, physicians and ancillary service providers
7. Follows infection control procedures and communicates to other staff when precautions are necessary
8. Maintains awareness of any hazardous material handling precautions are communicates to the staff when precaution is required
9. Assists in interpreting existing policies and procedures to nursing assistants, restorative nursing assistants, residents, families and physicians
10. Ensures all documentation of VS, Bowels and resident assessments are completed appropriately but the end of their assigned shift.
11. In regards to death in the facility. RN must notify MD of passing and obtain order to pronounce death and write a note the assessment that took place and include time of death and notification of Doctor. Ensure that he On Call Nurse was notified of passing.
12. Give Directions and co sign all LPN initiated care plan intervention and evaluations completed on your shift
13. The RN takes the main responsibility for managing all aspects of the unit running smoothly and safely under the same expectations and standards as set forth by the DNS and the Administrator.

B. Contributes to all phases of resident care
1. Supervises and assists with all meals and assists resident in consumption of meals as necessary.
2. Participates in resident rounds daily, reporting problems to ADNS / DNS and assists in initiating correct action
3. Identifies emergency situations and initiates immediate measures to correct the problem
4. Reports changes in resident’s condition to DNS or ADNS, physician, and resident’s responsible party promptly and takes follow-up action as necessary
5. Identifies safety hazards and initiates immediate corrective action
6. Provides clinical supervision of nursing assistants
7. Administers and documents accurately all treatment and medications per physician’s order
8. Assists to perform and document comprehensive assessments of each resident
9. Helps to develop an accurate comprehensive care plan based on resident’s comprehensive assessment
10. Documents resident care provided and resident’s response or lack of response to care provided
11. Knows and competently performs basic nursing skills and instructs nursing assistants related to resident care
12. Supervises and evaluates direct care given to residents and assists in initiating corrective action as necessary in conjunction with the ADNS/DNS.

C. Medication Administration
1. Prepares, administers, and documents accurately medication administration, internal nutrition, parental nutrition and treatments
2. Orders medications as necessary
3. Performs accurate control drug count and check emergency kit per schedule
4. The RN must take responsibility for the administration of the first dose of any IV antibiotics or cardiac medications and assess resident during the administration for adverse effects of these medications.

D. Demonstrates a positive, concerned and sensitive response in the workplace
1. Interacts with residents, visitors and all personnel in a courteous helpful manner
2. Assists in resolving conflict in a constructive manner
3. Maintains confidentiality of information regarding residents, families, and co-workers
4. Demonstrates respect for individual’s cultural and social differences
5. Contributes to the positive atmosphere of the work place

E. Performs other related duties as assigned

F. Works with in the State of Vermont RN scope of Practice.

“Registered nursing” means the practice of nursing which includes but is not limited to:
A. Assessing the health status of individuals and groups.
B. Establishing a nursing diagnosis.
C. Establishing goals to meet identified health care needs.
D. Planning a strategy of medical or health care.
E. Prescribing nursing interventions to implement the strategy of care.
F. Implementing the strategy of care.
G. Delegating nursing interventions that may be performed by others and that do not conflict
with this subchapter. (Title 26 V.S.A., §1572)
H. Maintaining safe and effective nursing care rendered directly or indirectly.
I. Evaluating responses to interventions.
J. Teaching the theory and practice of nursing.
K. Managing and supervising the practice of nursing.
L. Collaborating with other health professionals in the management of health care.
M. Performance of such additional acts requiring education and training and which are
recognized jointly by the medical and nursing professions as proper to be performed by registered nurses.

Note: The above stated duties are intended to outline those functions typically performed by individuals assigned this job description. This description of duties is not intended to be all inclusive or to be the discretionary authority of supervisors to assign other tasks of a similar nature or level of responsibility.

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