Position Summary

Responsible for serving food in an attractive manner; preparing and serving between meal drinks and snacks to residents; washing dishes; cleaning equipment dishes, utensils, pots and pans, work area, and dining room. Also responsible for reporting problems to Cook or Supervisor, reporting items that are low or out of stock, and for checking with Cook, Supervisor, or Charge Nurse about substitutions for foods a resident doesn’t like.


  • Education: Must be able to follow simple, oral and written directions and be able to read and write
  • Experience:  Must be at least 16 years of age; some kitchen experience helpful. Will receive on-the-job training under close supervision.
  • Must have TB test upon hire

Physical Requirements

  • Stands and walks short distances most of the work day.
  • Bends, lifts, and carries and pushes while working.
  • Must be able to lift up to 35lbs.
  • Must wear supportive shoes/sneakers and either wear a hat or have hair tied back while on duty.

Position Expectations

  • Sets up trays before meals.
  • Sets and clears tables.
  • Pours beverages, dishes out desserts and between meal feedings.
  • Assists Cook with food preparation as directed.
  • Scrapes, washes and sanitizes dishes, pots and pans and utensils.
  • Loads, operates and unloads dishwasher.
  • Puts away dishes when dry.
  • Washes and cleans equipment, refrigerators and work area.
  • Clears dining room table after meals and meals have been recorded.
  • Sweeps, vacuums and mops floors.
  • Arranges and cleans dining room chairs and tables.
  • Prepares mid-morning and mid-afternoon beverages and snacks for residents.
  • Obtains food and supplies from storage areas.
  • Performs other duties as necessary to fulfill responsibilities and as assigned.
  • Completes daily assigned sanitation checklist and documents completion.