Cedar Hill Continuing Care Community

Job Description

Position: Cook/Prep Cook

Job Summary

Cedar Hill is seeking a full-time Cook/Prep Cook. This person is responsible for assisting the Food Service Manager by managing the kitchen with the goal of providing high-quality food service in compliance with applicable facility policies and state/federal regulations. Responsible for handling, preparing, and serving food in an appetizing manner per menu requirements.


  • Age: Minimum of 21 years
  • Education: High School diploma or GED required
  • Experience: Prior experience as a cook in commercial food service
  • Physical Demands: Must be in good physical and mental health, must have hand dexterity to prepare food, must be able to determine quality and palatability, desire and ability to carry out the facility’s philosophy of high-quality service to its residents through the food service department.

Physical Requirements: Must be able to lift up to 35 lbs.

Dress Code: Must be well groomed and dressed in food service apparel with hair and hand protection.

Responsible To: Director of Food services

General Hours of Work: Full Time


  • Works cooperatively with FSM/Director in developing meal menu cycles and menus for special occasions
  • Prepares food and supply order in collaboration with Food Service Manager
  • Communicates openly with FSM/Director
  • May relieve Food Service Manager for vacations. Responsible for assigning, supervising, and evaluating work of dietary aides when Food Service Manager is not present.
  • Maintains kitchen, kitchen storage areas, and equipment in clean sanitary condition per schedule
  • Attends staff meetings as scheduled and participates on Dietary Quality Assurance Committee
  • Participates in training and education offered
  • Peels, washes, trims and cuts vegetable and fruit
  • Washes, cuts, de-bones and trims meat, fish, and foul and cuts them into individual portions as required
  • Prepares food according to recipes and menu schedule, mixing ingredients and adding condiments on basis of personal judgment and experience to produce quality foods
  • Plans cooking schedule to have meals ready at appropriate times
  • Cooks food
  • Bakes, roast, stews and steam-cooks meat, fish and foul according to recipes, taking in to account kind and weight of meat and oven temperature or steam pressure
  • Bastes meat and foul to retain flavor
  • Tests cooked food to taste and smell to determine if properly cooked and seasoned
  • Makes gravies, stocks, dressings, sauces, soups, and salads
  • Prepares cold meats, sandwiches, griddle cakes, cooked cereals, desserts, pastries, breads, cakes, salads and beverages, etc.
  • Prepares servings
  • Carves portion of meat, fish, and foul for individual servings and applies gravy, sauce or garnish, or prepares food for distribution to serving units
  • Dishes up servings according to menu combinations and resident’s preferences
  • Estimates food needs and prepares food portions accordingly
  • Prepares extra food for special events as requested by Food Service Manager
  • Considers appearance of food on plates and trays. Strives to present an attractive, appetizing meal
  • Avoids food waste; utilizes leftovers within an acceptable time frame

Job Type: Full-time