Nina with new residentNurses can work in so many different facilities and in so many different areas of the medical field. Skilled nursing facilities are facing a nationwide shortage of nurses due to the demanding nature of the job, numerous regulations, and the negative stigma associated with working in a skilled nursing home.
So why should nurses choose Cedar Hill when the opportunities for nurses are endless right now?
Nina Hines, Cedar Hill’s Director of Nursing, came up with a Top Ten List of why nurses should choose Cedar Hill:
  1. You will fall in love with our residents. Their smiles will light up your day and make every stress you manage worth it! You really get to know each one, you feel their pain, share their laughter, and most of all you get to share their knowledge and stories of their amazing lives.
  2. All employees at Cedar Hill show compassion for these residents. You can tell by the little things they do, every day.
  3. We encourage team-work among all employees and with each department working together as a whole team.
  4. We have a very involved activities department!
  5. We have a new staff educator that is committed to boosting your knowledge and skills!
  6. We have a management team that supports the rest of the team, including yearly staff recognition awards and other perks.
  7. Cedar Hill is a small, family-owned, skilled nursing/short-term rehab facility that supports our senior community and our local veterans with both short-term rehabilitation and long-term care.
  8. The owners work on-site every day, hand-in-hand with the staff, and know residents by name.
  9. Many of our nurses have advanced up the career ladder to specialized nursing and management positions – myself included!
  10. We are celebrating 30 years of caring for seniors!
Come join a team that shows love and compassion to their residents and truly cares for each other!

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